Please hit the link below to register for Toys for Tots

This year is looking very different than last year. We know that manty are struggling and yet we also know that we need to do what we can to maitain proper social distancing in order to be responsible.

Because of this, we ask that when you register that you choose a time from the drop down list and be on time to pick up your children's toys. This will ensure a smooth day for everyone. If you are late, you may forfiet your spot and need to wait until there is an open time to go through the hall and choose toys.

As with every year the following is required...

*You will need to bring your ID, as well as something showing you are the parent/guardian of the child. Examples are birth certificates, a lease, a determination letter from DHHS with the child/children listed on your case, tax returns, or court document showing guardianship.